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United States

Let's be honest. 2016 wasn't that "great" of a year. For every really "good" thing there was a really "bad" thing. Such is life. Literal tears were shed, and as I sit here typing with fireworks in the background, can we talk about what the internet is going to be like with Donald Trump in the White House?
:bulletpurple:Now in the early 2000's the internet was really something. Obama wasn't a good leader(we don't even have internet laws yet) and as such, the internet really was a "wild west". We saw youtube grow from anime AMV's and weird YTP's to people using movies, nostalgia and Japanese video games as a platform of entertainment, to people earning legit income from entertainment. People like Smosh and FRED actually turning in to a brand. A merger of internet into reality

:bulletblue:Obama's second term is where things got worse.
People dyeing their hair blue, memes being milked for money, a good free heartedness was lost. This is when memes had to go into defcon 1. While fake memes like "Damn Daniel" and Minions penetrated society. Harambe and Pepe the Frog were extremefied and in-joked so much, no "Grumpy Cat" loving normie could ever hope to comprehend it. We sneaked by there ranks and turned pure meme energy in a spirit bomb that got a madman elected  President  over a "woman" in 2016!

:bulletorange:Speaking of which, GhostBusters. As a day-to day historian I hold it my responsibility to remember this stuff. This is a big one for us. Recently, whining has been the non-tax payers way of exercising justice. Whiners getting in power to be stooges by big leagues, so minds will turn to mush and we bend over backwards for a barbaric religion and kill all white men. I'd take a wife and kids and struggling economy over rapeugees, killing gays, and dying national culturalism any day. If all we did was "whine" we'd have Ghostbusters 2 by now. But we didn't! We voted with our absence! We shut down a "whole" wing at Sony dedicated to Ghostbusters, and the movie did piss poor. Now if a really good directer envisioned an all female Ghostbusters team I'd be all for it, heck, I think they're doing that in the comics. But like a Hilldog Presidency it was a shameless ploy to hate on the white man. But if there's anything we learned from this year, it's that evil transcends race and gender.

:bulletgreen:I feel like cartoons have gotten lazier. With storyboarding and sending things off to Korea, alot of the handmade effort is lost. You don't have to "know" if what you're making is good. I hate how cartoons look these days. I hate We Bare Bears, I hate Steven Universe, I hate everything™. I hate Steven Universe because, I want to keep it in an emotional time capsule so I can't re-watch it. These hacks can't draw for shit. They can't deliver on any story because of poor scheduling so they fill it with waifu pandering. Whenever I see them stretch the model I want to throw up. 
That's why I like The Loud House. It's simple, it's slice of life, it's "on model", literally, and it has a ton of character potential that actually gets explored! Plus Nickelodeon actually pushing it helps. It's kind of funny that in such a "progressive" time, a show with an almost all-white cast and trope character traits can be #1 with the kids. How much you wanna bet kids will be wearing MAGA hats and getting opposite gender partners to spite their Liberal parents? Ha ha.


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